TailGauge® Smart-Sensor
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About TailGauge® "Smart-Sensor Technology"

All of our systems incorporate “Smart Sensor Technology”, or “SST.” SST features are programs coded into our systems
to provide them with “artificial intelligence.” This technology makes our backup sensor systems very smart, setting them
apart from any other system available. What does this mean to you?
Here are a few examples:

If you walk behind a vehicle equipped with one of our systems, the system will react to you more quickly as a moving
obstacle than as a stationary one. For example, someone trying to walk around a vehicle in a hurry would be detected by
TailGauge as a “fast moving object”. A “fast moving object” passing in close proximity to the vehicle would trigger the
system to signal a “hit” alert, while a slower moving object moving at the same distance might register without the “hit”
warning. The same “hit” alert will sound in the event any object comes within 18” of the vehicle, regardless of how fast
either the vehicle or object is moving.

And there’s a lot more. The TailGauge system can distinguish between objects at different distances from the vehicle. If
you are a person, 5 feet away from the vehicle, and there is a telephone pole, 4 feet away on the curb, the system will
alternate between both objects, first displaying one distance, than the other to make sure you see both. But, if you, as a
mobile object, decide to move, the system will pay more attention to you than to the stationary pole.

Another example: The system can see wide objects up to 15 feet away. TailGauge systems are programmed not to
identify most objects at that distance in order to prevent unnecessary alerts. However, if the object is wide, and it is in your path, the system is designed to register the obstacle.

Consider false alarms for a moment: Imagine small pieces of trash or garbage, leaves, rain, or hail are blowing in the
wind. Does TailGauge detect these small, innocuous objects as an obstacle? No, because our systems are programmed
to ignore these and other incidental, non-damaging objects that might cause other, less sophisticated warning systems to
alert you unnecessarily with a false alarm.

What about “peripheral vision?” TailGauge systems have been designed with “limited peripheral vision” to provide
detection of objects in a 45º field to the left and right of the vehicle. This feature allows TailGauge to warn you in the event
an object might be a hazard next to the rear of a vehicle without registering those objects that are not involved with the
path of the vehicle, and thus not relevant to the driver. If an object in peripheral view looks like a problem, TailGauge will
identify it and notify you of the distance and react as though the object might be in your path. Unlike other systems,
TailGauge products are programmed to detect real obstacles without bothering you with false alarms.

Our systems incorporate Smart Sensor Technology that provides more accurate and reliable readings. Here are just a few
of the many unique TailGauge advantages.

Our systems:

  • Are designed to ignore the vehicle parallel to your vehicle to your left or right in the parking lot.

  • Are programmed to ignore, leaves, trash, junk, and other real life but insignificant objects that might otherwise cause a false alarm.

  • Ignores rain, snow and other inclement weather conditions.

  • Will identify objects along the curb to help you avoid hitting them, and will provide you an accurate reading of distance to the car behind you as you parallel park. (great for those who have difficulty judging distance while backing up).

  • Identify objects in peripheral view that might be in your path, as long as they are back farther than the rear bumper of the vehicle.

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